How To Choose A Photo Booth For Your Wedding or Event

How To Choose A Photo Booth For Your Wedding or Event

If you’re looking to hire photo booths in Adelaide, then we have a solution for you. Hire an affordable photo booth in Adelaide and make your wedding, parties, dances, and other functions even more memorable. It might be the best solution for weddings and engagements. Photo booths are especially popular in bridal shows. Connect with us and let us give you the best photo booth experience at economical rates.

If you are interested in hiring a photobooth in Adelaide, then we recommend you reach out to us and we will walk you through the entire process.

1. Meet the Photo Booth Team

You want to work with someone who appreciates your business and understands the importance of your event. We understand that a photo booth isn’t just a means to take pictures at an event, they capture moments between people. It also weaves a thematic thread through every photo taken at the event. Imagine every guest at your wedding visited the photo booth and they were all pictured with the backdrop of your choice. The uniformity of those pictures will tie the entire event together. We are friendly, customer-oriented, and we would just love to talk to you about your event and how we can help make it even better, give us a call and talk to us.

2. Props and Backdrop

Pick out the props on display that you want for your photo booth, we’ll make sure they represent the best of your event. We can even arrange the props to be part of your theme if it is a multi-day event. Whatever you’re looking for, we can facilitate; perhaps something funny with hats and glasses, or a romantic theme, perhaps even something corporate, we’ve got you covered. We can even get theme props made to order on demand.

Talk to us about our packages and we’ll find what you need. Check out the photo booth backdrops and decide on what you want for your wedding, our line-up of products is sure to catch your eye. We also have backdrops from sequin, satin, a variety of fabrics, and even custom printed backdrops.

3. The Wedding Photo Booth Rental Camera Type

Your photo booth’s design is one thing, how the images turn out is a whole other ball game. You need a DSLR that delivers high-quality pictures that are ideal for prints of any size. The staff manning the booth can guide you through what types of cameras you can use. You can have the camera positioned for younger wedding guests, and you can employ a wide-angle lens for group photos. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. We’ll hook you up with whatever you need.

4. Get Your Picture Taken in the Photo Booth

Get your picture taken and see how it looks inside the booth. Stand in the booth and interact with the staff, let them guide you through the experience. Maybe people are camera shy when they stand in front of the camera, but this is the time to come out of your comfort zone, check out how you look and how you like the setup. Check yourself out in the photo booth screen and give feedback to the staff on what you would like improved. Choose different photo booth screens and see how they look. Get your picture printed in under 15 seconds, to see if you’re happy with the results. You can even try out different things until you’re happy with the results. Ask the staff about getting customized designs with your names and the wedding date. Remember, a great picture will be around for years to come, give your family and friends memories that they’ll hang in their homes, or even get framed to keep for years. Trust us for quality that you can depend on.

5. Explore Different Types of Photo Booth Rental Options

Check out different photo booth rental options available. You can visit a bridal show, they are a great way to check out different types of photo booths in action.

Among the options available, there are green screen photo booths that can be used to use any backdrop you want (virtually that is). Take your guests someplace tropical, icy, or even in space without moving an inch, this is possible with a green screen photo booth.

Black and white themed photo booths add a noir vibe to your reception, vintage and glamorous addition to any wedding or celebration.

Boomerang booths allow your guests to make their own movies and vignettes, which they can share online on social media. Video booths give your guests the opportunity to make heartfelt messages for you and to make memories that last a long time.

You can also look at our new range of products or talk to us about ideas that you may have in your head, we can materialize it and make something unique for you.

Every vendor is looking to sell their product, you’ve had a look at our range and what services we offer. We’ll pull out all the stops for you to give you the most value for your money. Contact us and make your perfect wedding dream a reality with our photo booths. Book the one you love today!

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