Light Up Letter Hire Adelaide For Weddings – 8 Top Ideas

Light Up Letter Hire Adelaide For Weddings – 8 Top Ideas

When ordinary lights don’t cut it anymore you need something big enough to make a lasting statement. Bigger is better, as they say, make a statement with our big 1.2-meter LEDs, available in both numbers and letters. We’re the best company to hire in Adelaide, with a large variety of amazing giant letters, whatever you have in mind we’ll have a solution for it.

Try out our various products and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Try out our Giant Lightbox, a fan favorite for having a great impact on the guests as it immediately sets the tone. The lightbox is heavily customizable, so experiment with your heart’s content. Look no further, for the best Giant light up letters in Adelaide. Hire us, we’ve got a light for every occasion.
Giant Light Box, An event favorite for grand entrances, light up your event and your guests with this giant lightbox, whether the event is a wedding, a launch, a dinner, etc. This giant lightbox comes with interchangeable letters and numbers, making it quite customizable. Height can be added with a pair of detachable legs based on what your design dictates. The dimensions of this Giant Light Box are 1.8m wide and 1.2m high.

Signature 1.2 Metre Letters – These are freestanding letters, set them up wherever you want and watch them work their magic. Light up the evening with this piece, which is great for initials, company names, logos, hashtags and more. It’s available in all the alphabets and numbers, with a white glossy appearance. Coloured globes may be available on request. This piece stands 1.2m high.
Signature 1.2 Metre “Love” – This freestanding letter signage has a fine white gloss finish and is a customer favourite for weddings, engagements, and proposals. Coloured globes are subject to availability post requests. It’s available in 1.2m high and 60cm high variants.

Signature 1.2m Metre Love Heart – A freestanding giant light up letter signage that comes in an elegant white gloss finish. You can get this piece as it is or gets any number of combinations of letters. This is great for first impressions. This signage is 1.2m high.
Signature 1.2 Metre Numbers – Freestanding giants light up numbers signage that is great for events such as birthdays, reunions, corporate events, product launches etc. It is available in white gloss in any and all combinations of numbers. This light-up letter signage is 1.2m high.
Signature 1.2 Metre Rustic “Love” – With a vintage look, this giant light up letter signage is made with a chic rusted look to it, great for vintage themed events, with different coloured globes available on request. This current piece is 1.2m high.
Classic 60cm LettersFreestanding light up letter signage that comes in a white gloss finish, a favourite for corporate events, influencer meetups, fashion shows and more. It is available in all the alphabets and any combination of numbers. This piece is 60cm high.

Classic 60cm Love Heart – This freestanding light up letter signage is great for initials and proposals and other romantic session endeavours. It comes with a white gloss finish. Hire this piece or combine it with any letters. It comes in a dimension of 60cm high.
Classic 60cm Numbers – This smaller light up letter signage can be used on tabletops, ledges, and plinths. This classic numbers light-up signage is particularly used by people for birthdays or other age milestones, suited for any occasion. This variant is available with any of the numbers in a gloss finish, with a dimension of 60cm high.
Neon Letters and Numbers – Available in all of the alphabets and numbers, this neon variant has interchangeable colours and multiple effects, additionally, its brightness is adjustable. This neon lights up letter signage is 1m high.
“Marry Me” Proposal Lights and Styling – The perfect signage for a perfect proposal, this Marry Me light up letter signage makes your proposal special. It comes with a red carpet, candles and rose petals as part of the package. Further, we can provide a generator for the lighting setup, making it mobile signage for all locations. It comes as a 60cm high light up letter signage.
Customized Corporate Branding, A favourite of corporate enterprises purchases this piece, an eye-catching 3D EPS in Letters. They are fully customizable lightweight, and simple to use. Excellent for meetings, exhibits, and retail shows. This is only for purchase, made from EPS Foam. The colours, size, and font are customizable. You can order an additional acrylic face for longer-lasting signage. This piece typically comes with a height of 1.2m.

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